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About Us

We are full-time escapists, obsessed with dreamscapes and story realms, doing our best to navigate the real world. We're a little mad with reclusion, and although we have high ambitions, we tell stories to cope with this era of rapid transformation.

At SkyCave we know that story is the mode of communication in which ancestors speak to descendants. Through story we can pass down wisdom and medicine with the situational context needed to change minds, touch hearts, and speak to the soul.

We envision a world where sustainability and justice --economic, social, and environmental, is common sense. We intend to become a nonprofit, donating proceeds to communities in need.

Yes, we are a married couple. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves.


Who We Are

Just a couple of Hobbit-sized lovers trying to make sense of this upside-down world

Alethia Torres, director
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