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A multi-ethnic trans man goes on a quest for truth, uncovering layers of thought-provoking nuance in this 60-minute performative documentary.

Directed by Alethia Torres


"At the intersection of race, culture, sexuality and gender identity comes a stunning and powerful portrait of an individual on an epic journey to wholeness and wellness. This is a must see for anyone hoping to understand navigating the complexities of life for transgender people." 

--Kasike a.c.ramìrez de arellaño,  Higuayagua Caribeña Taino



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We made this film with a RACC grant (less than 7k) and the RACC Innovation Prize (2k). We paid for everything else on credit. We know that not everyone is in a position to give, but for those who can and for those who feel called to, we would love to continue our work.

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