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Mercury Direct is here!

Happy Mercury Direct day from your friends here at Mercury Direct.

As a collective, we are experiencing a big death. This is an opportunity for great change as we find the courage to let go of old perspectives, self-images, thought-forms, old habits, addictions, and old ways of being.

Some of us are struggling more than others, but know that it's okay to feel all the heaviness. It's okay to be present with these emotions. It's okay to let them flow, and it's okay to let them go. Don't rush through this process. Please be kind and gentle with yourself, allowing your shadows to show up to ask for love. Please give yourself grace as you may be facing parts of you that you never wanted to see. We all have shadows and shortcomings. We're on a journey of finding peace with those parts of us, allowing them to exist, and finding ways to love them.

I encourage my friends to be soft and generous with yourself, and allow that grace to extend outward to your friends and family.

For those of us whom have never experienced ego death, it may feel far more scary and dramatic than it needs to be. The ego often confuses ego death with physical death, because it is dying, but you are not. Please look out for your friends and family for signs of suicide. If possible, create a safe space for them to be witnessed. Often times, people just want to be seen and heard. If you are feeling suicidal, please know that the death you might be craving doesn't have to be a physical death. You can allow only those parts of you that cause pain and suffering to die, so that you can be reborn in this life. This is a spiritual death. If anyone needs extra help, call 800-273-8255, the US National Suicide Hotline, or find one in your country.

Ego death doesn't have to be dramatic or traumatic. Those fears and psychological mechanisms that bring confusion and pain, those are the pieces we bury in the dirt, transmute with fire, baptize with water, or release to the wind.

I want to remind my friends that ego death and rebirth happens simultaneously. Think of how volcanos destroy old terrain and create new earth. If the death is too much, it's okay to shift your attention to the rebirth.

There comes a moment when we are in the darkest of nights, when we choose to breathe through the pain instead of react to it, the moment comes when the energy shifts and we feel the breaking dawn bringing light to places in our lives that was one dark.

How can I fill these empty spaces with joy and peace? How can I create a new way of life that will satisfy my soul? What is my purpose? How can I change the way I see myself? How can I support my own growth? Can I allow myself more joy? Can I discipline myself out of harmful habits and addictions? Can I reparent my inner children so that they feel confident and safe in this chaotic world? What steps do I need to take to start building my best life now?

Remember that rebirth entails holistic change. If we want these changes to stick, we should put in the effort of changing our thoughts, speech, and habits. This work is so rewarding.

Sometimes we have a vision of rebirth, our butterfly wings and its beautiful colors and patterns. Sometimes we get premonitions of flight, then go back into the cocoon of death for another round of grief. That is okay. While some of us are ready to fly right now!

Wherever you are in this process, know that we are all feeling this on some level, and that the Universe / Spirit / God / Love is supporting you every step of the way. The energies are ripe for miraculous healing, manifestation, and big shifts in direction.

In the image of our Creator, we are creative beings. I pray that we create a healthy new world of peace, justice, abundance, and Love. Bless up, my friends.


Ikaika & Alethia

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