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Happy Mercury Direct day!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Hey everyone. Alethia & Ikaika here, wishing you all a happy Mercury Direct day. We chose to name our business Mercury Direct because we believe that our purpose is tied to bringing messages to the collective through various mediums. Thanks for following us. :)

Today, we’d like to acknowledge the hardships that many of us are enduring as towers continue to crash all around us, many times under our feet, in our family units, social circles, and places of employment. We want to honor the revolution that is happening within us and all around us. 

We have been witnessing and processing the energies that are crumbling: corrupt power structures; ancestral trauma; social, economic, and environmental injustice; demographic / political divisions; and so much resistance to change. Our hearts are with anyone and everyone consciously and unconsciously working these energies. We want to honor the need for grace, compassion, self-care, and healthy boundaries.

There is a natural tension between conservatism and progress. This tension serves both parties when it is balanced and healthy. The elder generation reminds us of wisdom from the past, while the younger brings visions of the future. When both parties can sit down and speak from the heart, wisdom is shared and compromise is made. The problem is that we have not been communicating effectively.

We may be speaking the same language, using the same words, but we mean very different things. Translations of words are subjective to our experiences, learning, and cultures. We are often clouded by the distortions of emotional triggers, assumptions, and deceptions. The word God might mean “Love” or “Home” to some of us, while to others it might mean “control,” “rape,” or “genocide.” Our words matter so much.

It seems that PC culture can easily get out of hand when people start feeling afraid to speak. It’s one thing to be careful with our words, knowing that they have impact. It’s another thing to be to afraid of rejection or making mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes. This is how we learn. 

When we agree on a balanced form political correctness, we can create a new language that is intentionally clear and concise. Since we are a majority of minorities, everyone's issues, struggles, and causes are important. It's time to learn to listen and speak with our hearts. It might take some time for us to learn while we look within ourselves and unravel the social conditioning that got us here. The revolution is both within and without. We can do this.

We are at a most critical moment in human history. We believe that we have what it takes to shift the fate of humanity to create a world of peace, justice, and harmony. 

“In these desperate times

Love will hold us here

Love will join our hands

Teach us to have no fear

So we lay our hate down

To wash their feet

When we see our brother

Oh, we'll all be free...”

—William Matthews, “We’ll All Be Free”

Alethia & Kaika

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